VII World Fairytale Days (English)

World Fairytale Days
31 May – 2 June 2013

VII World Fairytale Days is a spectacular event without precedent – the only place in the world where internationality, multicultural themes and entourage of fantasy merge on each plane. Magic of a fairytale and shared fun, enhances interpersonal relationships, and unites generations, nations and cultures. This colorful and unusual event will also be a peculiar ornament of the I International Fair “Life is a fairytale”, which has been dedicated to all children and the world of the fairytale.

Main events and attractions of the VII World Fairytale Days will take place at the Fair and Conference Center DEMUTH ARENA OSTRÓDA, as well as at other cultural, sports and recreational institutions and facilities in Ostróda, Olsztyn and nearby places. Parades of the fairytale characters, literary, artistic, drama and dance competitions (including the international ones), as well as concerts, festivals, sports competitions, tournaments, games presentations, plays of different nations, breaking Guinness records, “Meeting Africa”, shows and events with Special Guests, media people and celebrities, III Interdisciplinary Academic Conference “Fairytale in academic and educational sphere”, “Ambassadors’ Evening”, The evening of Ukrainian and Eastern Friends, Latin American Festival – all of these are the planned attractions for the VII World Fairytale Days – and all this in order to unite generations, nations and cultures.